California lifts stay-at-home order as support to recall Newsom grows

California lifts stay-at-home order as support to recall Newsom grows

california is lifting its regional stay-at-home order amid positive signs of a slower spread now this comes as efforts to recall california governor gavin newsom nears its uh required threshold to qualify for a statewide ballot so how does the pushing the governor's recall uh maybe influence what his latest decision is on covet 19 and lockdowns i want to go to former san diego mayor kevin faulconer who is part of the recall effort and has launched an

exploratory committee for potential governor run and he joins us now we by the way we did reach out to the governor's office governor newsom's office to see if he could join us today but they did decline so uh i got to tell you kevin it's a lot of people saying it's it's a pretty odd timing when you consider the 

depths and it throws of covet 19 right now as opposed to or mid-december uh when these lockdowns are put in place it would seem if you're following the science now would not be the time to lift him your thoughts well that's just that's the problem uh science has not been the major indicator here in california state that's

 locked down the most and i'll tell you charles is somebody who's been very outspoken on the need to save lives and livelihoods what we haven't seen from this governor is a calibrated approach that can accomplish that look we've had some businesses in california that have 

been open and shut five different times the fact that we had outdoor dining shut these past several months again when there was no science behind the transmission of the virus in outdoor dining settings i think speaks volumes so what we saw again today was a shifting of the goal post not based on common sense 

and science that's why so many californians up and down the state are frustrated and at their wits end what of course is not just governor newsome all of a sudden everyone's having the general epiphany whether it's the governor of new york the mayor of chicago 

and i'm just going to put it to you bluntly some people are now saying that this feels like maybe they deliberately slow down the economy to influence the election i mean it's you hate to think of things like that but the 

timing is just so frustrating for a lot of people particularly those who have already lost their business and can't get it back and those who worked at those businesses and can't find jobs well it's incredibly frustrating and again back to back to livelihoods and lives so many 

californians are hurting that's been real that's why again as mayor i've been so outspoken about that uh all throughout this process and again to be open enclosed with no science behind that you know the the the companies 

the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy in california you know once they shut they're not coming back and that's why there's been this real sense of urgency to 

make a change in california to make a change at the top because what we're seeing not happening in terms of the rollout of our vaccines unfortunately one of the worst in the nation the fact that our kids aren't back in 

school i mean you start adding all of this up it's not working in california that's why we need new leadership kevin we had a minute to go let's focus on the on the recall now for those 

who aren't familiar with the system how many signatures do you need how close are you and if you do get them what's the likelihood that maybe there could actually be a change in the governorship well i think i think the signatures are going to get there there's a million point 

one been collected out of a million five that are necessary and that number is growing every single day and by the way this is bipartisan this is democrats republicans you know 

independents everybody that wants that change at the top in california so i believe the recall is going to qualify and i believe that 

californians are ready to elect a new governor and you are are you have you officially thrown your hat in the ring or you just kicking the tires right now well we're spending a lot of time 

organizing we have as you mentioned open up that exploratory committee i feel strongly about this i feel passionately about bringing some of the changes and the reforms that that we 

made and the approach in san diego i think californians are ready for for new leadership uh and i think that that voice grows every single day and i'm looking to be a part of making that transformation happen kevin faulconer thanks for joining us thank you very much we appreciate him

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