daily skin care routine at home 《2020 》

सितंबर 06, 2021

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1. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. More during summers if required.
2. Eat food which is good for liver. Liver is body's cleansing agent. Sprouted Methi (Fenugreek) and coconut water are good for liver.
3. Starting your day with a glass of multivitamin juice is good for skin. Watch the video for recipe.
4. Have some sprouts for breakfast.
5. Use natural cosmetics
Don'ts for Glowing Skin
1. Do not drink too much tea or coffee
2. Avoid to much salt or spice.
3. Have a good eating habit. Take meals regularly and on time.
4. Avoid chemical based products on your skin.

Hi, I am Akib ab I am the managing
director of NutriHealth Systems. Today we

Skin careUse natural cosmetics

ₛₖᵢₙ Cₐᵣₑwill be talking about something which I think
all women look for and all women want and

that is a glowing fresh skin. Now it is very
natural we all live in cities and some of

us who don't live in the cities also there
is so much pollution and affects the skin.

So after a certain stage we all feel our skin
is not glowing enough. Sometimes even young
daily skin care routine at home 《2020 》
Skin care

girls feel their skin is not glowing enough.
What is the reason? Of course bad air, toxic

water, and a bad diet. So we can fix... we
can't fix bad air or water but we can fix

our diet. And a lot of things if we fix in
out diet will actually lead to a glowing skin.

skin care tips and Routine 

Now what are the things that we should do
for a glowing skin?
  1.  Do not drink too much tea or coffee

First I would say drink a lot of water. Because
water hydrates our skin. It cleanses our body.

So eight to ten glasses of water every day
is really going to help you to have a glowing

skin.careSecond thing which I would also recommend

is that you should have a lot of foods which
are good for the liver. Why the liver? Because

the liver is the cleansing agent of your body.
So if your body is cleansed, it is fresh,

then your skin is going to reflect that state
of health. So things that are good for the

liver are methi sprouts. That is methi seeds
which are sprouted. And they really cleanse

the liver. Coconut water another thing that
is very good for the lever. It decreases the

"pith" of the body and gives you a nice smoothglowing skin.

Another thing that is very important is to
have a vegetable juice in the morning. And

that vegetable juice I call it as multivitamin
juice really. Now what would it have? It would

have aloe vera two table spoons, it would
have a pinch of Triphala powder, just a little

bit of Triphala powder. It would have awala
juice. Which is about one tea spoon on awala

juice. It would have cucumber juice. It would
have tomato in it. A fresh tomato which has
daily skin care routine at home 《2020 》

been squeezed or juiced together. It would
have a little piece of ginger. Just a wee

bit of ginger. And you can put a little bit
of wheat grass juice also if you have wheat

grass juice available in the market. And together
this juice every morning if you have first

thing in the morning empty stomach your skin
will start showing the changes.

Along with that if you have sprouts which
are moong sprouts, chana sprouts, everyday

in your diet. Jut a little bit you know like
three table spoons, that will also start cleansing

your lever.
Skins which ware very bad for the skin are

too much of tea and coffee. Too much of fatty
food, too much of fried food. And of course

using too many chemicals on your face. So
while using chemicals go natural like a papaya

scrub or you can powder moong dal and use
the moong dal scrub for your face. Try to

remain as natural as possible. Because natural
fruit facials, natural creams are far better

than too many chemicals which sometime people
tend to use on their face.

For the glowing skin it is also very important
that you should have food on time. Because

if you don't have food on time, if you are
hungry, if you are starving, then skin starts

showing it first. So you should have food
on time, meals on time. Don't try to like

skip meals during the day and then have a
big meal during the night. Because that is

not good for the skin.
Also at night don't have too much of slat.

Because if you have salt then next morning
your face will be like puffy and that may

not look good.
So for the skin it is also very important

to have enough protein because our skin is
also consisting of protein. So for good protein

of course you have sprouts, you have peanuts.
In non vegetarian you have fish which is lean

fish chicken. In summers avoid eggs of course
in winters you can have eggs. Then you have

nuts and oil seeds. So things like almonds,
walnuts, sesame seeds. So during the winters

you can have lots of these things because
they are great for the skin. And of course

try to use natural oils for your skin avoid
artificial things and you will have a wonderful

glowing skin.

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